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COP26 is a global United Nations summit, with leaders from around the world gathering to coordinate action on climate change. It will be the biggest summit ever hosted in the UK and the most important climate event since the Paris Agreement in 2015.

COP26 boiled down...

  • Climate summit
  • Global effort
  • Climate action
  • Reducing emissions

Around 80% of our carbon footprint in Scotland comes from the things we buy and use.

Ahead of the COP 26 conference in Glasgow, Zero Waste Scotland is encouraging everyone in Scotland to reduce their consumption by making more sustainable choices – by buying less, choosing to reuse or repair items, and making sure they’re recycled when it’s possible.

Four-fifths of the carbon footprint generated by Scotland comes from the products and materials we use. 

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What can you do?

  1. Join in one of the many events taking place in the run up to COP26.

  2. Visit the ‘COP26 Green Zone’ in Glasgow.

  3. Shop second-hand when you need something new-to-you or repair and reuse where you can.  

  4. Choose reusables and say no to single-use, not just plastic.  

Everything we buy has a carbon cost

Every time we buy anything, be that a new laptop, lamp or loofah, we are heating the planet and using up its scarce resources - climate change is linked to what we buy because there is a carbon cost to everything we consume.

Why is COP26 important?


We all have a role to play in protecting our planet.


More must be done to to halve emissions over the next decade and reach net zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century if we are to limit global temperature rises. 


All countries will be asked to submit their new long-term goals for addressing the global climate emergency.