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Climate Crisis

In Scotland, we live our lives based on the consumption of three planets worth of our resources, when we only have one.  This is having a devastating impact on the world we live in and depend on.

What is the climate crisis?

  • Eco-emergency
  • Extreme weather
  • Take action
  • Carbon emissions

Damaging carbon emissions are impacting and irreversibly changing our environment. This is our climate crisis, and we're running out of time to fix it.

Four-fifths of the carbon footprint generated by Scotland comes from the products and materials we use.

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What is the impact of the climate crisis?

  1. In Scotland, some Scottish species could become extinct while non-native, invasive species flourish.

  2. More extreme weather and changes to rainfall patterns.

  3. Extreme climatic events could have an impact on the supply and cost of food and threaten supply chains.

  4. Rising sea levels and melting ice caps.

Take the next step

Carbon footprint

Take a look at your current carbon footprint to discover where your highest impacts are.

Reduce your consumption

Think about whether you really need something, borrow rather than buy or purchase second hand.

Travel sustainably

If you can, take the bus rather than the car, or train rather than plane.