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#ChristmasTrimmings...cut the waste, keep the joy!

With continuing headlines urging the need to consume less and use better, the season of goodwill is the perfect time to do things differently to protect the planet.

Enjoy Christmas with all the fun-filled festive trimmings whilst trimming off the unnecessary waste. 

Keep scrolling for ideas on saving money and cutting waste to help us all minimise our contribution to climate change this Christmas. 

Cut the waste, keep the joy! Share your waste less Christmas ideas with us using #ChristmasTrimmings. 

What can you do?

  1. Buying smarter, wasting less, will save you money and reduce excess. 

  2. Making your own gifts gives them a thrill and doesn’t add to landfill.   

  3. You can have a first-class Christmas with second-hand gifts.   

  4. Wrap it and rewrap it. Choose reusable wrapping and gift the planet less waste this year.  

  5. Festive food shopping starts with a plan and a list, so you don’t waste food this Christmas.