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How to style your garden like the Love Island villa… the sustainable way

16 JUL 21 | 5 minute read

Whether you are a fan of the show or hate it with a passion, there is no denying that Love Island knows how to style its outdoor spaces.  

If you’ve been admiring the décor and looking to make the most of your outside spaces this summer, then we’ll show you how to recreate a garden that is ‘100% your type on paper’ using repurposed items. 

Lights, camera, action

To keep the party going on into the evening you’ll need quality lighting to set the mood.  

Before rushing out to buy the string lighting widely featured on the show, dust off your box of Christmas decorations. Most of us have a selection of fairy lights packed away that we can be making the most of all year round, not just in December.  

Just check that your lights are designed for use outdoors, so that there’s no need to panic if the weather takes a turn. 

Two second-hand lanterns on a garden table - styling your garden like the Love Island villa in sustainable way

Another great alternative is to keep an eye out for second-hand lanterns from a Revolve certified store. While perfect as they are, if the lanterns aren’t quite to your taste then a quick spray-paint will give them a villa vibe look. 

Sitting sustainably pretty

Whether you are entertaining your full cast of family and friends or looking for a quiet space to relax you’ll be needing some seating. The Love Island villa is full of day beds, benches and sofas to give contestants a place to ‘pull someone for a chat’.  

Replicating the look can prove tricky as lavish garden furniture usually comes with a lavish price tag. However, creating your own corner sofa with pallet furniture is easier than you think.  

Garden sofas and table made from reclaimed pallets - styling your garden like the Love Island villa the sustainable way

Wooden pallets are great for all sorts of DIY projects and can be sourced free or cheaply from local businesses or marketplace sites. Here are 20 inspirational how-to tutorials to get you started. 

If you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty, then let second-hand be your saviour. With the recent resurgence in rattan and bohemian chic you’ll now find stunning original furniture in second-hand stores that are back in fashion and a fraction of the cost of their brand new imitation counterparts. 

To finish the look and make it feel cosy, you can accessorise with blankets and colourful cushions which can all be sourced on reuse sites.  

Quick tip: maternity pillows make for seriously comfortable couch or floor cushions and a great alternative to awkwardly trying to get up from a bean bag. 

Turn up the heat

The famous fire pit is the focal point of the show and where most of the action takes place but hopefully your garden parties won’t be as drama-filled.  

Sadly, fire pits have become a hot commodity and have been difficult to get your hands over past months. The good news is that there are plenty of easy guides on Pinterest and Google that show you how to upcycle materials like leftover bricks or turn everyday objects like washing machine drums into stunning DIY fire pits. 

Green with envy

No garden would be complete without plants, not only to brighten the space but also to help tackle biodiversity loss. That doesn’t mean you have to stick with rows of boring pots, instead opt for more of a contemporary structured space with raised planters to get that Love Island look. 

Raised garden planter

Making these planters at home is easier than you think thanks to this helpful tutorial and with the price of new timber skyrocketing it has never been a better time to fall in love with reclaimed wood.  

Check out the Revolve certified store map with a dedicated reclaimed wood search option to help find your nearest second-hand merchant. Need some tools? Then try one of the many tool libraries as well to borrow rather than buy and get building today.  

DIY not your thing? Then simply use an old chest of drawers as a readymade planter or give any unwanted chinaware a second life as unusual plant pots. Love your current set and not ready to give it over to the garden? Then Revolve certified second-hand stores have plenty of cups and crockery to fit your style.  

Another great way to give the garden some flare is to consider bringing inside furniture outdoors. That old table you’ve been looking to replace can be great for dining outdoors. That well-used mirror can make the smallest garden look bigger and bring light to hidden spaces. Even that soon to be no longer needed home working desk can be repurposed as a potting table or bar for entertaining in the evenings. 

Use an old chest of drawers as a readymade planter or give any unwanted chinaware a second life as unusual plant pots. #Reuse #HowToWasteLess #SustainableGardening

Working up a sweat

Regular viewers of the show will know that many of the contestants keep themselves in good shape, thanks in part to the villa’s outdoor gym.  

For those who want to take advantage of the nicer weather and enjoy some alfresco fitness without turning their garden into muscle beach there are a few options.  

Explore second-hand sites such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace and refurbished gym equipment sites before buying brand new gym equipment. You should be able to find weights, gym mats and even trampolines at a fraction of their original cost. 

If you prefer an even cheaper DIY route then reusing handy household items such as garden hoses as inexpensive battle ropes, old leggings as resistance bands, a filled backpack as a makeshift weighted vest or a football doubling as a medicine ball is a great way to get you started. 

There you have it everything you need to turn your garden into the sustainable living villa of your dreams, the only thing we can’t promise is that the sun will still be there afterwards *sigh*.