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Can perfume bottles be recycled?

30 JUL 21 | 1 minute read

From delicate florals and woody musks to fresh citrus scents, there’s nothing like a spritz of perfume to trigger the olfactory senses. 

The myriad aromas are matched only by the variety of eye-catching glass bottles as brands go to great lengths to make their offerings jump off the shelves and into your basket. Let’s face it, who hasn’t judged a perfume by its glass cover?

When you’re down to the last drop, what can you do with your glass perfume bottle and can it be recycled? Read on to find out more!  

Recycling your empty perfume bottles

If glass is included in your local council's household recycling collections, then glass perfume and aftershave bottles can be recycled alongside this.

Make sure that bottles are empty and, if possible, remove the metal or plastic spray mechanism. Standard glass lids can be left on, but more decorative lids made from mixed materials should be removed and disposed of in your non-recycling bin.

Otherwise, you can take your empty bottles to your local household waste recycling centre or a nearby glass bottle bank.

Enter your postcode into our recycling locator to find your closest glass bottle recycling location.

Try out a packaging-free solid perfume bar as an alternative to bottled perfume – apply to your pulse points to make the scent last longer. #HowToWasteLess

Reusing your glass perfume bottles

When it runs out, instead of throwing away the bottle try upcycling it to something new like a flower vase, mini plant holder or, clean it out and fill it with cold water to make your own water mister – perfect for cooling yourself down on hot summer days. Keep it in the fridge for extra chill factor.

If you have vintage or exclusive bottles you could sell them on eBay to collectors.

Photo of a purple flower in a reused glass perfume bottle against a pale blue and green background

Perfume bottle alternatives

  1. Look for companies offering returnable and refillable bottles.

  2. Buy a reusable atomiser that can be used with refills.

  3. Try out a packaging-free solid perfume bar – apply to your pulse points to make the scent last longer.