Recycle for Scotland

Recycle for Scotland

05 JUN 20 | 2 minute read

Hello from Recycle for Scotland! Don’t worry, we haven’t gone anywhere we just have a new home here at How to Waste Less Scotland. 

We’ll continue to provide recycling advice and information to householders and communities across Scotland to encourage more and better recycling. 

Recycle for Scotland is brought to you by Zero Waste Scotland and, although recycling is an important part of how we manage our waste and look after the planet, there are also lots of other things we can be doing.

This website features a wide range of topics beyond recycling - from home composting to the circular economy it has a bit of everything to help us make changes that will have a positive impact on the climate crisis.

Many of the original Recycle for Scotland pages have been updated and moved over to this new website and will now be tagged with the green recycling tab at the top of this page. If there is anything you can’t find, feel free to get in touch with the team on the contact details below.  

Recycling locator

The recycling locator is still on hand to help you find out what you can recycle at home and where you can recycle or pass on your unwanted items nearby. 

What can I do with…

All ‘what can I do with…’ content from has been updated and moved over so just search your item to find out how to recycle as well as ways to reduce, reuse and repair.  

What about social media?

The Recycle for Scotland Facebook page has been renamed How to Waste Less Scotland in line with this website. If you previously followed Recycle for Scotland you will now be following How to Waste Less Scotland and we promise to still share lots of exciting recycling content.

We have also created a new Twitter and Instagram account using the handle @HowToWasteLess.

Where can you find Recycle for Scotland toolkits?

If you are a community group member or teacher then Recycle for Scotland toolkits and campaign assets will continue to be available at The Recycle for Scotland communications team is available to offer any additional support around specific toolkits. 

Recycle on the Go

If you are a business or venue and would like more information on providing recycling facilities in popular public locations then head to Recycle on the Go

What about the Recycle for Scotland poster creator?

Communities can access the poster creator here. These free resources allow you to customise and download the signage you need to ensure people know what can be recycled and which bin to use at your venue, school or community centre. There are also engagement posters to download to motivate and encourage recycling.   

Getting in touch with the Recycle for Scotland team

If you have any queries regarding Recycle for Scotland get in touch by emailing: