Coronavirus At Home Recycling

Tips on managing your rubbish and recycling during coronavirus

24 APR 20 | 3 minute read

We are living in unprecedented times.  Coronavirus is impacting on how we all live our lives, and on how essential services are being provided to communities all over Scotland.  

Local authorities may have to temporarily change their waste and recycling services.  If this does happen, any disruptions won’t be in place any longer than they need to be’.

If your collection services are disrupted, it is important that you maximise the capacity of your recycling bins and containers, with the exception of food waste which should be put in your general waste bin. 
To help you do that we have a number of simple tips like the ‘wash and squash’ method for bottles and cans and fully flattening all cardboard. Recycling materials that are clean and dry can sit in these bins until recycling collections resume.

Running out of space?

What happens if you start to run out of space? You could store dry recycling materials such as paper, card, plastic and metal cans and tins somewhere safe including your garage, on top of kitchen cupboards, in your shed, or a hall cupboard.
We know it’s not easy and a bit of an inconvenience, but your help can make a world of difference to our environment and frontline workers, whilst continuing to support recycling efforts in Scotland.
How you can do your part:

  • Please fill dry recycling bins with the correct materials until they are full e.g. glass, plastics, metals card, paper and card
  • Break up large cardboard boxes before placing them in your recycling bin
  • Rinse and squash plastics, tins and cans to maximise space in your recycling bins
  • Compact materials in recycling bins to maximise space, however don’t over-compact so bins can be easily emptied when recycling collections start up again
  • If possible, store dry materials safely until recycling collections resume.
  • If your food waste collection has temporarily stopped, put your food waste in the general waste bin for collection for the time being

Tips on managing waste

We have lots of tips to help you manage waste during coronavirus. See how we can help you make the most of the space you have while staying safe.

What next?

If you have any questions, hopefully we’ll have the answers on our FAQs page. We’ve got more useful tips and guidance below to help you manage your waste. And thank you for doing your bit in a really difficult time.