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About you

This may surprise you, though as a person living in Scotland you currently consume around 3 planets worth of resources.  Yet we only have one.


Here’s something else that may surprise you…

As an individual, you have the power to change the country.  Not only that, but you also have the power to help transform the world!

As we go about our everyday lives, the choices and actions we take can have a hidden, yet have a profound impact around the globe.  Put simply, the way we buy and dispose of things in Scotland has a negative impact on the world’s climate.

Collectively, our consumption habits are contributing to the global climate crisis we now face.

We all have our own interests, tastes and preferences - it’s what makes us unique.  Though collectively we all rely on the environment around us.

By better understanding the role we can all play and making more informed choices going forwards, we all have the opportunity to play a part.  Zero Waste Scotland has the facts to help everyone end the climate crisis by wasting less and making things last instead.

About the environment

Global emissions are destroying our country and planet. 

If we carry on as we are, it’s set to get worse.

About Zero Waste Scotland

We work to inspire change.

To achieve this, we are leading everyone in Scotland to better understand how our lifestyles can impact the country and wider world we all live in.