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About us

Zero Waste Scotland works to inspire change.

To achieve this, we are leading everyone in Scotland to better understand how our lifestyles can impact the country and wider world we all live in.  By showing people how they can use products and materials more responsibly, we are enabling them to embrace more sustainable lifestyles. These changes will bring a wide range of environmental and economic benefits to Scotland.

More specifically, we focus on three key areas of work:

  • Responsible consumption - Leading the people of Scotland to use products and services in ways which respect the limits of our natural resources;
  • Responsible production - Enabling businesses and organisation’s in Scotland to supply products and services that get the maximum life and value from what they make;
  • Maximising value from waste and energy - Ensuring there are no wasted resources or energy.

As an organisation, we are always open to new ideas.  We aim to be bold and challenge the status quo. We challenge ourselves to improve, then use our knowledge to create persuasive and convincing calls for others to follow.

We can’t do it alone though.  So we work in partnership with others, from businesses to individuals like you, to help deliver our vision.  As well as leading by example, we share our experience, knowledge and insights to lead others to take action.

This website has been developed and is managed by Zero Waste Scotland to help us meet these aims.

Through clear, factual information and relevant tips, our aim is to help the people of Scotland be more aware of the environmental impacts they have and provide simple steps to make a real difference.  

Zero Waste Scotland is a not-for-profit environmental organisation, funded by the Scottish Government and European Regional Development Fund.

About you

As a person living in Scotland you currently consume around 3 planets worth of resources. 

Yet we only have one.

About the environment

Global emissions are destroying our country and planet. 

If we carry on as we are, it’s set to get worse.